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This online application system is used for a variety of ArtsFairfax programs including grants, the Arts Awards, public art, Capital One Hall space use, and the artist residency program.

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Before Beginning an Application:

1. Take a few minutes to review the guidelines (available on the ArtsFairfax website and below with each category) including eligibility requirements.

2. Keep a record of your user name and password (each artist/team/organization may have only one). Multiple staff members working on a single application will share the same login credentials.

3. It's recommended that applicants prepare narrative responses in a word processing program before completing the online application.

Please note: Applications close at midnight on the due date.

Grant Applicants:

1. Additional resources including grant information session presentations, sample applications, and grant guidelines are located on the ArtsFairfax website.

2. Grant applicants are encouraged to attend a grant information session where the grant guidelines, review process, and on-line application are explained in detail.

3. Please contact ArtsFairfax for instructions if you plan to apply for a grant with a Fiscal Sponsor.

Dates & deadlines

Don't forget to check submission dates for applications, grant information session dates, and announcements.

For further information, for Grants contact Jackie Dubin (jdubin@artsfairfax.org) and for Public Art and Capital One Hall Lisa Mariam (lmariam@artsfairfax.org), for Arts Awards nominations Debbie Mueller (DMueller@artsfairfax.org), and for the workshop learning cohort Hope Cagle (hcagle@artsfairfax.org).

All FY22 Arts Ignite Recovery Grant recipients are required to complete this form by August 1, 2022.

Naming of the Fairfax Poet Laureate is a high honor that highlights the importance of poetry and the literary arts in Fairfax County. By designating a poet laureate, ArtsFairfax seeks to raise the visibility of poetry by celebrating and supporting a poet who can engage new audiences, create new opportunities for poetry to be shared, and encourage the creation of poetry and other literary works. The Poet Laureate program recognizes a professional poet’s achievements and their demonstrated history of accomplishments, and it promotes their continued pursuit of their creative work while creating opportunities for connection between the Poet Laureate and Fairfax County communities.

The complete Guidelines for this grant program are available to read and download here [link]:

Project Support Grants are non-recurring grants used to support eligible nonprofit arts organizations in providing activities that engage new audiences in the arts and contribute to the vibrancy and quality of life in Fairfax County. These grants encourage wide participation in the arts through diverse cultural programming available to all residents of Fairfax County.

Please click here to view the complete Guidelines for this grant program:

All FY22 Operating Support Grant recipients are required to complete this form by August 1, 2022.